About Us

PAN-AFRICAN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARS OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (PASHASS) envisions a united body of scholars, academia and researchers within a humanity and social science disciplines believing that scholarship and research in the two have an interwoven relationship with a specific goal of humanizing the mankind through the socialization of the minds. This synergy becomes more important at this time looking at the direction academic research is tilting.

The world-over, research has been channeled to the pursuit of truth with the help of numerous specialized branches of learning which aims at achieving a common aim with the aid of knowledge of other disciplines. With the barrage of problems confronting the third world countries, especially, sub-Saharan Africa, a researcher needs to look in the direction of a knowledge pool made available to us through multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and even trans-disciplinary inquiries to solve them. These and many other reasons inform the setting up of this organization.

To foster this synergy and champion this course, the organization floated a journal known as PAN-AFRICAN JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (PAJHSS) which publishes quarterly every year.


The aims of setting up this body is to primarily create a platform that can bring academia, researchers, and scholars within the humanity and social science disciplines to meet and interact in order to harmonize ideas for the betterment of mankind through conference and workshop.